What Do Women Want?

Meet the professors at Boyfriend University

Meet the professors at Boyfriend University

So, why do women go to host clubs anyway?

Ahaha, that’s the million dollar question, isn’t it? “What do women want?”

Well, yeah.

Ask any host and he’ll tell you: women want to be wanted.

What? That’s no big secret! And if it’s true, Miss Smartypanties, how come women always get “headaches” and…

Ahaha, that’s WHY they get “headaches.” Because you have to be able to tell how a woman wants to be wanted. A woman isn’t always jonesing for you to be slobbering all over her, you know.

Hey, are you suggesting I’m not God’s Gift To Women?

You would be if you learned what every host knows, which is that sometimes the way a woman wants to be wanted is to have someone just sit and listen with rapt attention as she goes on and on about mean her boss is. A guy who says, “She really said that? She’s just jealous!” at just the right time. A guy who notices that she’s wearing a new color of lipstick that it took her hours to pick out. Or lets her take care of him, pretending he really loves the lopsided homemade cupcake with wiggly hearts on top, even though chocolate makes his mouth itch.


And furthermore, just to show you how the big boys play, hosts take notes. They keep notebooks with every woman’s special dates in it. And not just birthdays either. Imagine how excited your girlfriend would be if you showed up with flowers on some random day and said, “Don’t you remember? This is the anniversary of the day I first set eyes on you!”

That’s ridiculous! How am I supposed to remember that?!

Don’t worry – she doesn’t remember either. So pick a day, any day. Even if she remembers and you’re wrong, you get major points for trying.

Forget it. I’m becoming a monk.

Ha. See? That’s why they get paid the big bucks and you don’t!

Yeah, that’s another thing. They get paid to do it. It’s all a big lie! So why do I get in trouble for telling just a little white one, and they can say anything they want and women not only eat it up, they pay for the privilege?

Because everybody loves fantasy. It’s like playing a video game. You know you’re not really commanding a platoon of die-hard soldiers – you’re sitting in the comfort of your man-cave! But that sniper you just spotted on the roof over there is going to kill you if you don’t get him first. Women just have different fantasies. And the fact that they’re paying for a handsome guy to gaze into their eyes and whisper sweet nothings into their ears makes it all safe. Not to mention convenient. For two or three hours, they can indulge in the fantasy that they have a super hot boyfriend who obviously adores them, but never pressures them to do anything they don’t want to do. He’s always there when she wants to see him, ready to give her his undivided attention. And when she leaves, she leaves all obligation to him behind. No dirty socks to pick up off the floor, no agonizing about whether she ought to keep going out with him or dump him for the dull but stable guy in accounting. And no lonely Saturday nights sitting at home because he has to work late again.

Actually, it’s beginning to sound pretty good. Do they have host clubs for men? With, uh, women instead of guys, I mean.

Yes. In fact, hostess club way outnumber host clubs. You’ll need an introduction though. And you’d better start saving up now. It’s a lot more expensive than playing Call Of Duty.


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