Beauty Help For Men

MenEyebrow3Unibrow isn’t a big problem here in Japan, but what’s an “herbivore man” to do when the furry bits above his eyes aren’t up to the esthé standard of his glowing skin and artfully styled hair?

Eyebrow Template for Men to the rescue! Try on Straight, Natural or Cool styles, comb the unrulies up with the handy little pencil comb, trim them to shape with your nail scissors, then use your best kindergarten skills to color inside the lines!


Because nearly everybody here is 100% Japanese, there is a fairly narrow range of face (and body) sizes among the population. The concept of “one size fits all’ works better here than in most of the world. These bulldozer-ish looking tools are apparently for brushing your eyebrows up and trimming them to your preferred shape.

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