The Host Club Vending Machine

When I first saw this gachapon machine filled with little plastic champagne towers, I thought WAT? Who needs a set of miniature, light-up, host club furniture? I mean, even though it’s pretty happenin’ how they change color and all…

…I wasn’t instantly throwing all my money at the coin changer. Until…

…it hit me that the Drunken Pets that helped me ring in the new year BADLY needed a partytown for the other eleven months

And what could keep them more entertained than quaffing champagne with the hostpet of their dreams?

But that’s not all – check out the action at Club Minifig

Way more fun than the Temple of Airjitsu, where they’re constantly being ambushed by pesky Ninja Warriors

Even The Statue of Too Much Liberty can let her hair down at the Gacha-gacha Club

And need I even mention that everyone’s favorite radioactive lizard welcomes the opportunity to drink whatever he wants, whenever he wants?

Jonelle Patrick writes mysteries set in Tokyo. And if you’d like to slip behind closed doors and get to know the number one host at Club Nova…