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December 12

2015 Top Ten Crazy Gifts From Japan!

It’s time for Only In Japan’s yearly holiday gift round-up, and it looks like 2015 is holding its own! I can pretty much guarantee you’ll be the only one to bestow one of these awesome gifts from Japan on your nearest and dearest… 10. Warm in winter, cool in summer, give this CREEPY CONSTRUCTION WORKER HEAD TOWEL, so they can enjoy displaying their brains as […]

July 15

What The Well-Dressed Suitcase Is Wearing This Season

Now your bag doesn’t have to travel naked anymore, thanks to these fashionable luggage togs I saw recently at Shibuya Loft! Made of stretchy knits that zip up snugly around your suitcase, they not only prevent the contents from exploding all over some distant baggage claim in a case of Dreaded Latch Failure, they’ll also […]

April 03

The Miso Muddler And Other Obscure Kitchen Tools

I laughed when I saw that there was a special tool you could plunge into a tub of miso, twirl it around to get exactly one bowl’s worth of fermented soybean paste into the little ball, then use the muddler to whisk it into your soup. And then, of course, I bought one. Because actually, if […]

February 01

From Sixteen Nearly-Extinct Barley Seeds…

Only in Japan would a guy bent on coming up with a new brewskie start by requesting sixteen seeds of a nearly annihilated strain of barley from the Department of Agricultural History, then spend years cultivating his little two-foot-square patch of grain into a crop big enough to malt for production! After-work company drinking parties […]

November 18

Tools For The Fingernail Challenged

Congratulating yourself that your spanking new nail art will definitely make it impossible for you to be selected to wash dishes or chop vegetables, you whip out your smartphone to send your ten best friends new shots of your to-die-for talons, the bowl of abura soba you just ordered for lunch, and a snap of […]

July 22

Food Fight!

SHA-KINNNN! Take that, filet o’mignon! Mika Tsutai’s manga design plates take cafeteria battles to a whole new level. Designed so the food becomes the hero in every frame, every meal is an adventure. More stuff I wish I’d designed can be found on the artist’s website. If you lust after these as much as I do […]

July 14

Umbrella Vacuum

This time of year, I don’t have to check the weather report to find out if I might need an umbrella, because the answer is always at least 40% yes. The day I go to the Meguro Ward Office is no exception – predictably, the percentage shoots up to 100% just as I step off […]