Tools For The Fingernail Challenged

I’ll take one in every color!

Congratulating yourself that your spanking new nail art will definitely make it impossible for you to be selected to wash dishes or chop vegetables, you whip out your smartphone to send your ten best friends new shots of your to-die-for talons, the bowl of abura soba you just ordered for lunch, and a snap of the new fake fur mantilla you just bought at Shibuya 109.


In a more tragic turn of events than typing “lice” instead of “love,” you can’t even make contact with the touchpad keys, now that you’re nailed up to the max.

What to do? What to do?

Enter the rhinestone-encrusted typing aid! This little beauty telescopes out to four golden inches, enabling you to use the little rubber tip to compose any number of texts, even though you’re sporting nails that qualify you to become The Bride Of Scissorhands. As an added bonus, while it helps you with the all-important task of exchanging gossip with friends, it doesn’t make it any more possible for you to clean toilets!

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