January 16

Lavender Leopard Fur Mantilla

I’m not sure how I’ve lived this long without this fashion forward accessory. Seems like it would go with pretty much everything.

And if I hadn’t consulted Kera magazine, I wouldn’t know that my leather jacket has been crying out for a pair of Hammer pants. These black and white striped fake fur ones will be perfect for winter.

If the weather turns balmy, I can switch to the fluffy rhinestone-studded mini-shorts.

And with these shoes, students on my crowded morning commute will think twice before stepping on MY foot.

Although these items did come from the pages of Kera magazine, my favorite source for all things Lolita, Goth-Lolita and Gyaru, I see girls walking around all the time wearing outfits just like this.

Inexplicably, Hammer pants are especially common. I saw this couple in Shibuya station recently, heading off for a romantic weekend with their Playboy bunny luggage, dressed in a matching set.

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