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April 02

Nail Queen…From Hell

If Scary Nails was the theme of this year’s Nail Queen competition at the Tokyo Nail Expo, the winners definitely did not disappoint! And in the Junior Student category… Thanks go out to the always-excellent Nail Max magazine for the pix & descriptions of the 2015 Tokyo Nail Expo Nail Queen winners. • Wishing her nails […]

October 26

‘Scuse Me, But I Gotta Get My Nails Printed

Yep, now you can have your favorite pattern, saying, kanji characters for “world peace” or boyfriend’s face on your digits with this handy dandy Auto Nail nail printer! Just lay down a coat of polish, pick your design, and zip zip, you’re all inkjetted up! • Read a novel set in Tokyo  

September 21

Bride Of Scissorhands

What’s a girl to do when her fiancé has nails that will certainly siphon off all kinds of attention that should rightly belong to the bride on her big day? Extreme nail design to the rescue! With rocks so big, they’ll require extra biceps work just to hold the bouquet, Bridezilla won’t have to fight […]

August 23

The Perfect Barbie Wedding

After you finally got Kenji to go down on one plastic bendable knee and propose, what could be more perfect than to dress up like Barbie for the wedding? In America girls put away the impossibly-built doll with her wardrobe of rubber shoes long before they get old enough to fill out a lookalike gown, […]

June 21

The Cocktail & Manicure Bar

Can’t decide whether to drown your sorrows or get your nails done? Now you don’t have to! Get thee to the Bar Maria With Nail, and you can sip your favorite cocktail while getting your digits tarted up! If your current life crisis doesn’t involve The Boyfriend, the proprietor assures me that he’s welcome to […]

November 18

Tools For The Fingernail Challenged

Congratulating yourself that your spanking new nail art will definitely make it impossible for you to be selected to wash dishes or chop vegetables, you whip out your smartphone to send your ten best friends new shots of your to-die-for talons, the bowl of abura soba you just ordered for lunch, and a snap of […]

November 11

Butterfly Nails

Nobody will dare ask you to lift a butterfly-graced finger when your nails are done up with these chore-evading beauties! You might not be able to do anything else either, but who cares? You’ll look great while not doing it! From the Japanese nail art magazine, NailMax • Read a novel set in Tokyo…