Nail Queen

I love Japanese TV. Sandwiched between a news story about protesters being pepper sprayed by police in a dangerous foreign country (America) and a piece on noodles topped with grilled intestines (horumon udon) was a story on the 2011 Tokyo Nail Expo’s Nail Queen.

Nails are big here, and anything goes. It’s not unusual for a manicure to cost upwards of $100 and feature anything from tiny plastic cupcakes to little chains swagged here and there. Having a smartphone is pretty much a requirement among fashionable nailistas because it’s nearly impossible to text on a regular phone when your nails are the equivalent of Marie Antoinette’s hairstyle in her “let them eat cake” period. The Nail Queen probably doesn’t have to put in long hours slaving away at a computer like we commoners.

Here are a few examples from the many ready-to-wear lines:

Cuteness in 3D

Assorted bling

Soap opera star Yamanoto Yusuke was somehow enlisted to push the idea that nail art isn’t just for girlz anymore

Poodle nails!

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