July 22


Food Fight!

SHA-KINNNN! Take that, filet o’mignon! Mika Tsutai’s manga design plates take cafeteria battles to a whole new level. Designed so the food becomes the hero in every frame, every meal is an adventure.

“Aaaaaa!” Down the hatch, himono fish!

“Sha-kinn!” Another granola bar bites the dust

“Do…!” Fried shrimpy bits fight back

Tuna, The Chosen One

Although slightly lacking in manhandler quantity, this meal makes up for it in style.

More stuff I wish I’d designed can be found on the artist’s website. If you lust after these as much as I do but think you’re safe from temptation because you can’t buy them outside Japan, allow me to kick that excuse to the curb! White Rabbit Express will buy ANYTHING for you in Japan and ship it to you for a ridiculously reasonable price. U mad? ^-^

Jonelle Patrick is the author of the Only In Tokyo Mystery Series.