2015 Top Ten Crazy Gifts From Japan!

It’s time for Only In Japan’s yearly holiday gift round-up, and it looks like 2015 is holding its own! I can pretty much guarantee you’ll be the only one to bestow one of these awesome gifts from Japan on your nearest and dearest…

10. Warm in winter, cool in summer, give this CREEPY CONSTRUCTION WORKER HEAD TOWEL, so they can enjoy displaying their brains as well as their brawn.

The gift of gray matter. From Village Vanguard.

9. After eating their way through the holidays, your loved ones will thank you for these zero-calorie DIY FOOD MODEL KITS of their favorite noshes.

I chose two that were labeled at the lowest level of difficulty in the store. What could possibly go wrong?
From spaghetti to melon soda, the Ganso Sample Shop sells food model kits that even an idiot can make.

8. It wasn’t on their list, but you know they’ll thank you for their very own CAT BUTT PINCUSHION.

For all your Cat Butt Pincushion needs.
Because CAT BUTT PINCUSHION. Which you can stock up on twice a year at Design Festa.

7. Even the crankiest Scrooge won’t want to exchange THE WORLD’S MOST BEAUTIFUL LOLLIPOP.

One of the most beautiful lollipops in the world.
Goldfish, unicorns, bunny rabbits – the artist at Ameshin makes them all. Or you can try your hand at doing it yourself, at one of his workshops!

6. And what dog lover doesn’t need an ADORABLE PUPPY SCULPTED ENTIRELY FROM CHARCOAL?

These are often sold at street fairs in Japan, GO FIGURE.

5. If they don’t want to cephalopod their own face, they can aways torture their little brother with  this OCTOPUS TENTACLE FACE ROLLER THING.

From – where else? – Tokyu Hands! Maps & directions to all stores.

4. Blow your siblings’ ties out of the water when dad unwraps this AUTHENTIC MILITARY CAMO KIMONO.

For stealth autumn leaf viewing, when photos shot from the designated area just won't accomplish the mission objective.
Accomplish your gift-giving objective with honor. From Kyoto Kimono Sai.

3. The kale-eater on your list will be proud to tell people they start every day with their newest gourmet discovery: toast and HONEY WITH HORRIBLE FURRY BEE PARTS.

...the biggest-ass bumblebee you ever saw, RIGHT IN THE HONEY!
Fortunately for the foodies on your list, these are only available once a year from the farm stand at the shibazakura festival in Hitsujiyama.

2. Your gf will never know how she managed to accessorize each morning before she had this TAXIDERMIED FOX GLOVE THAT CAN ALSO BE WORN AS A HAT.

Maybe you didn't know you needed a blue fox fur bracelet, that can also be worn as a hat, but you do, trust me, YOU DO. Kaze-taka
You can try on every model at Design Festa, or order off the website at Kaze-taka

1. Give your mom the luxury of using the snooze button – she’ll no longer have to get up before dawn to make your lunch with this labor-saving PENGUIN RICE BALL MOLD AND SEAWEED CUTTER.

Even more want-worthy than baby penguin rice balls, and I never thought I'd say that.
Most recently spotted at the Loft in Ikebukuro.

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4 thoughts on “2015 Top Ten Crazy Gifts From Japan!

  1. Sure, the ship got back super late and I didn’t have any time to go Christmas shopping before my flight home, buuuuut……. I don’t think any of these would have been appreciated back home.

    Except maybe the dogs. Charcoal black labs would have been a hit.

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