Battle Dress Kimonos


Okay, you’ve gotta help me out here: what sort of manly occasion could possibly call for donning a kimono fashioned from American mil-spec camo?

Defcon 3 tea ceremony behind enemy lines? Tactical assault on the afternoon kabuki performance? Undercover date to the summer fireworks, knowing your recently-jilted ex will be there and gunning for you?

Whatever occasion calls for strategic – yet stealthy – Japanese formalwear, now you can attend in confidence, knowing that all your base are belong to us, whether on land, sea or air.

The obvious choice for infiltrating cherry blossom parties to which you have not been invited.
The obvious choice for infiltrating cherry blossom parties to which you have not been invited.
For stealth autumn leaf viewing, when photos shot from the designated area just won't accomplish the mission objective.
For stealth autumn leaf viewing, when photos shot from the designated area just won’t accomplish the mission objective.
The fish will never see you coming, when you drop a line in this Navy Working kimono.
The fish will never see you coming, when you drop a line in this Navy Working kimono.
Golf is war. Say it with camo.
Golf is war. Say it with camo.

If you know someone with a burning need for formal stealthwear, you can view the full Battle Dress Uniform line in all its glory at Kyoto Kimono Sai.

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10 thoughts on “Battle Dress Kimonos

  1. I’m thinking I might get one to see if I can just stay hidden in Rikugien Gardens…. forever.
    Or, sneak up on the super cute warrior dude out front of Matsumoto Castle…..
    Mind you every uniform I’ve seen here in Tokyo (and there are vast amounts of them) is accompanied by a light up, sometimes flashing, red baton…. I’m always a little jealous. However, they are very handy when assisting a bus around a particularly tight corner in the backstreets of Shinjuku.
    I love it here.
    Every minute is an adventure.
    Failed as yet to locate angry cat ghost charm vending machine but still looking.
    Ears still ringing from Robot Cafe 2 nights ago.
    Already planning next trip over as Fuji San hidden behind cloud and mist all 3 attempts to see him this trip😢. Is there a particular Shrine or Temple for clear sky? I’ve been praying at every one I come across but so far no luck.
    Your guide to Japan has been invaluable, thank you.

    1. The cat ghost vending machines might be all sold out (that’s what fuels the frenzy to feed coins into one when you see it so you can get them all before they’re gone) but I bet there are new fantastic ones that I haven’t seen yet. I did see that a FB friend got the new series of Lady Liberty statues doing weird things (so jealous, and I’m sure they’ll be long gone before I arrive CURSES).

      But the leaves must be fantastic right now, right? I’m trying to quickly scroll past the pictures friends are posting on FB, because I can’t stand it when all this stuff happens there WITHOUT ME. heh.

      So glad Japan hasn’t been a disappointment! And let me know if you need any additional recommendations, directions, shopping tips, etc. ^^;;

  2. Avoiding stupid guys? like when you realize after 5mn in a group outing that the guy next to you is an idiot, the next time he turns round he can’t see you anymore… and you can leave!! I could have used that yesterday.

  3. I’ve gone a bit mad for the kitties that stretch across the top of your glass and the frogs that sit on the rim like the hamsters, which are still around. I also had to try the ‘lucky dip’ bubbles at the Art Museum in Ueno to see which art replica in minature I’d score.
    The leaves are beautiful, and the blue and green fog they have drifting through the trees in Rikugien at night is gorgeous.
    I bumped into a Ninja festival that was good fun 🙂
    I really should do Facebook to show off the photos, pity I’m not a good photographer and only have a phone to take photos with. Next trip I’ll get a camera.
    The only thing I haven’t been impressed with was Seaworld. .
    Nezu tomorrow, yay.

    1. Thanks for the tip on the lucky dip art bubbles! I hardly ever go to the museums in Ueno park, so I didn’t know about those. Will check them out next time I’m there! And actually, as much as I’d selfishly like to see photos of the great stuff you’re seeing, the first year I lived in Japan, I didn’t take one, single, picture. And looking back, what was great about that was that I wasn’t using even a tiny part of my brain thinking I ought to take a photo of something, I was just experiencing it and trying to understand it instead of capturing it to file away. Taking pictures can really get in the way of being there, if you know what I mean. Keep on enjoying every second (knowing that I am CONSUMED WITH ENVY that you’re there right now to see the leaves!) (^O^☆♪

  4. So APPARENTLY I’m not allowed to walk around on base in an NWU kimono, even if it has my name and US Navy and all the rank and whatnot on it. THANKS OBAMA

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