The Miso Muddler And Other Obscure Kitchen Tools


I laughed when I saw that there was a special tool you could plunge into a tub of miso, twirl it around to get exactly one bowl’s worth of fermented soybean paste into the little ball, then use the muddler to whisk it into your soup. And then, of course, I bought one. Because actually, if you make miso soup with any sort of regularity…

Then, just when I thought I’d procured the most obscure kitchen tool at Tokyu Hands, I discovered the Squid Stretcher! I don’t personally grill a whole lot of squid, but if I did, I’d find it really annoying if the damn thing curled up on me just as I was trying to hold its tentacles to the fire.


And finally – I’d never thought of this before, since I seldom have extra sanma fish lying around – a regular baggie would pretty much be inadequate in every dimension for stashing them in the fridge. “Delicious Keep” to the rescue!


All of these fine items, of course, come from my favorite store, Tokyu Hands!

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