Tokyo At Night: Kabuki-chō

The Hanazono Shrine, where everybody in the neighborhood makes offerings to ensure good business

In Kabuki-chō, the day starts when the sun goes down. The streets are thronged with those who are looking for a good time, and those who are looking to provide it. I got to know this area pretty well when I was researching Fallen Angel, the second book in my mystery series, because it mostly takes place in this world where anything your heart desires is available…for a price.

As night falls, the neon begins to sing its siren song
Buildings next to the entrance to the club district.
Where hosts and hostesses go snag a fresh bottle of spirits when one of their clients puts them in a pinch
A side street, lined with clubs, eateries and karaoke joints
A quiet back street in the love hotel quarter

If you’d like to visit Shinjuku & Kabuki-cho the next time you’re in Tokyo, visit my website, The Tokyo Guide I Wish I’d Had.

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