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November 23

In Which We #takedownjulienblanc With The Hot Blue Flame Of Loathing

Any foreigner who lives in Japan by choice has been there: Oh no, oh no, quick, put up the hoodie! Inch away from that loud foreigner doing something that’s making everyone stare at the ground and cringe. Desperately wish for the ability to telepathically project “I may be a gaijin, but I’m not THAT kind of gaijin.”  So it’s not too surprising that the Twittersphere lit up last week with a hashtag originating in […]

April 24

Japanese Invent A New Way For VIP Visits To Annoy The Populace

You know how it goes when a VIP comes to town: streets unexpectedly blocked, swarms of shifty-eyed men in dark suits with little curly wires in their ears, cavalcades of unnecessarily long dark cars swanning through the streets? Annoying, right? Well, in Japan, everybody takes the subway, so you’d think these irritating VIP visits would be […]

March 16

Changing The World, One Tag At A Time

I started taking pictures of work by the street artist known as 281_Antinuke a couple of years ago because I thought it was beautiful. Now I shoot it because I think it’s the voice of young Japanese saying to their society: we don’t want prosperity at the price of environmental destruction. While the government tries […]

December 31

New Year’s Food Scandal!

What’s wrong with this box of traditional new year’s food (besides the fact that two measly boxes of cold appetizers cost $525)? Well, if it came from any one of the swanky department stores that was recently snagged for mislabeling ingredients, those costly “Shiba” prawns might be proletarian shrimp from India, that “Japanese wagyu beef” was […]

September 01

Glow-in-the-Dark Sushi?

Aieee, I went to eat sushi last night and I have to admit, I was peering at the tuna anxiously for signs it might glow on the dark if they turned out the lights. After reading that tuna being caught off the coast of California were all tainted with radioactive Cesium from the Fukushima Dai-ichi […]