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April 07

Alt Cherry

So, during cherry blossom season, people naturally flock to places with maximum pink fluffiness. But if you don’t have any real blooming cherry trees of epic proportions, how do you avoid being the location equivalent of Forever Alone? Behold the ingenuity of even the stodgiest of institutions… And people ask me why I love Japan. Go […]

February 23

Shop ‘n Chill

So you get to the Ginza Mitsukoshi department store food hall bright and early to nab a coveted bunch of First Grapes Of The Season before they’re sold out, then you spot a nice piece of salmon for dinner. You buy it before remembering that you have to go to the dentist after doing your […]

January 31

The Hottest New Look In…Aprons?

You’re joking, right? Aprons? Nope, even the venerable Mitsukoshi department store has an extensive apron department. Aprons with ruffles. Aprons with bows. Little black cocktail aprons. But why? It wasn’t until I was invited to a friend’s house for a dinner party that I understood. Japanese entertaining has traditionally been done in restaurants, and it’s only recently […]

November 01

The Edible Hello Kitty

I’ve seen Hello Kitty’s face on everything from officially licensed Tokyo buses to obviously unlicensed machine guns, but this is the first time I’ve seen Kitty-chan rendered in…rice. This bento box is one of the items available in the Mitsukoshi department store’s current Hello Kitty promotion. Other tempting Hello Kitty promo items include: I wonder […]