Getting Carded, Japanese Style

The average Japanese teenager may have it rough when it comes to taking entrance exams that will determine his whole future, but he never has to spend hours in front of the mirror, practicing intoning the words, ” rum and coke” in a deep voice and desperately trying to look 21. All the underage drinkerContinue reading “Getting Carded, Japanese Style”

The Peril Of The Red Panty

“Notice: When sleeping, “Red Panty” may cause you excite and make you sleepless. So put on ordinary color underwear when you sleep.” A thousand apologies for not immediately publishing this instruction sheet on how to properly use Lucky Red Underwear – I bet you were wondering about that mysterious case of insomnia that developed afterContinue reading “The Peril Of The Red Panty”

How to Survive a Company Drinking Party

How hard could it be? Gallop with your co-workers to a nearby watering hole, then eat, drink & be merry until they kick you out. But like the seasonal cherry blossom party, nomikais are not for the weak, and if you happen to be the junior member of the team, your duties will require staminaContinue reading “How to Survive a Company Drinking Party”

First, Poke A Hole With A Toothpick…

For some mysterious reason, milk cartons and styrofoam food trays are the equivalent of a wandering barge heaped with radioactive byproducts when it comes to curbside collection, and must be carted back to the supermarket for recycling. But don’t think you can just toss them in the bin! Oh no. Milk cartons  must be tornContinue reading “First, Poke A Hole With A Toothpick…”

The Garbage Police Strike Again!

Remember how I was stressing about not putting out the five different arcane types of garbage correctly? Well, this is what happens if you screw up! Your trash is shamefully left behind with big colorful notes on it to tell you what you did wrong! The yellow note says that the kind of trash inContinue reading “The Garbage Police Strike Again!”

Happy Death Anniversary

I love the idea of death anniversaries. In Japan, people don’t forget all about you after you die. One year after, they throw a party. Family and friends are invited, a plate of your favorite foods and a cup of your favorite refreshment is set out on the head table in front of a flatteringContinue reading “Happy Death Anniversary”