Sexy Red Undies Opposite Day

So, there’s this street in Tokyo I’ve written about before that’s known as the “Grandma & Grandpa’s Harajuku” because it’s where all the oldsters go to stock up on the latest elderly comforts and fashions. My favorite store on Koshinzuka Street is the “Red Underpants” shop, which specializes in many, many, MANY styles of lucky red underwearContinue reading “Sexy Red Undies Opposite Day”

How To Make Poisonous Dried Snake Tea

First, you take a dried snake. A dried poisonous snake. Then you chop it into little pieces. Add some dried ginger and garlic and a few other secret ingredients. Powderize it all in your industrial snake grinder and pour it in a medicine bottle. Mix one teaspoon into a cup of hot water every morningContinue reading “How To Make Poisonous Dried Snake Tea”

Yes, It’s Exactly What It Looks Like

If you guessed squid guts, squid guts and squid guts, you win the trifecta! But very tasty ones, apparently, since they sell a mountain of these at the Hokkaido store in Sugamo. I’ve occasionally been faced with these at the Japanese restaurants called izakaya, where you’re served a small snack with your drink order whetherContinue reading “Yes, It’s Exactly What It Looks Like”

The Peril Of The Red Panty

“Notice: When sleeping, “Red Panty” may cause you excite and make you sleepless. So put on ordinary color underwear when you sleep.” A thousand apologies for not immediately publishing this instruction sheet on how to properly use Lucky Red Underwear – I bet you were wondering about that mysterious case of insomnia that developed afterContinue reading “The Peril Of The Red Panty”

Magic Umbrella

Yesterday when my phone’s weather app completely failed to warn me that as soon as I stepped off the train I would be assailed with buckets of rain and Dorothy-Goes-To-Oz wind, I could have used this fine product. It’s plain pink until it gets wet, then the cherry blossom pattern appears! (Brilliant display outside thisContinue reading “Magic Umbrella”

Time For Your Sand Bath

Forget the bubbles and the aromatherapy oil – there’s nothing like a nice hot sand bath to put you back in fighting form! Like the sign says, “It feels really great when the heat penetrates to every corner of your body and you sweat a lot.” Southern Kyushu is famous for sunaburo, where hot springs seep upContinue reading “Time For Your Sand Bath”

Big Red Underwear

This store is called Red Underpants, and as you can see, we’re not talking lacy thongs, here. It’s in Sugamo, a neighborhood that caters to the post-retirement crowd. Wearing red after you turn 60 is considered auspicious here in Japan, and thanks to this shop, no matter what size or shape you are, if you’reContinue reading “Big Red Underwear”