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September 10

Twice The Guilt & Half The Pleasure

Okay,I totally get that some days it’s hard to choose between a bucket of french fries and a bathtub of ice cream. I even understand that some days you just say FML, I’m having BOTH. But this? No. Just…no. • Read a novel set in Tokyo…

August 29

It Must Be Fake Peach Flavor Season Again

The vending machines are suddenly stuffed with pink drinks. Of course, there hasn’t been a genuine fuzzy-skinned stone fruit within a thousand kilometers of these so-called “peach” libations, but that doesn’t stop them from making the point that even drinks flavored with highly unnatural chemicals must only appear when they’re “in season” in Japan. • Read a novel set in Tokyo

February 15

Manly Chocolate

There aren’t many things that Japan gets tragically wrong, but Valentine’s Day is one of them. Not only does the chocolate-giving flow only one way, it flows from the gender that DOES like chocolate to the one that (supposedly) DOESN’T, thus posing an even more vexing conundrum for the women cornered into buying Obligation Chocolate for the men in their […]

February 10

Pink Pepper Milk Coffee

In case a shot of caffeine isn’t quite enough to get you going in the morning… (If you’re braver than I am, you can find it this month at your nearest Precious Coffee Moments shop.) • Read a novel set in Tokyo…

January 26

In Which We Try Those Wicked-Looking Chocolate Covered French Fries

  Aieeee, it’s true! McDonald’s is selling chocolate covered french fries in Tokyo! These are so clearly a frontrunner for the All Flavors Of Nope Award, I feel I must selflessly step up and take one for the team… • Read a novel set in Tokyo  

January 08

Not Your Nonna’s Spaghetti

But no, I couldn’t bring myself to order it. Because a) civet poop coffee was enough excitement for one week and b) don’t you think there’s a reason that oysters + seaweed + cream linguini is not exactly a staple menu item in Italy…? • Read a novel set in Tokyo

January 05

How About A Nice Cup Of Civet Poop Coffee?

The kopi luwat civet poops coffee. Or, to be more precise, it climbs to the top of coffee trees, eats the ripest beans, digests the fruity bits around the seed and, er, leaves the rest for industrious pooper-scoopers to turn into the world’s weirdest brew. Of course, once I spied a weird old-fashioned coffee bar near Shinjuku station with […]