No Seaweed, Extra Chili Peppers

In the battle for the hearts and minds of Japanese midnight noshers, Pizza Hut fights back with the Gorgeous Four, the Melting Camembert and the Super Korean Purokoki! This flyer landed in my mailbox yesterday, promising that with a single phone call, I could be dining on a pie topped with Korean BBQ beef and super skinny hot chili peppers.

I read on to note that Pizza Hut’s “Seafood Mix” one-ups Dominos by adding broccoli (broccoli?) and artistic squeezes of “tuna mayo” to the standard squid-shrimp blend, while their BBQ chicken offering goes a little more native with seaweed on top.

And if I was really feeling like having a sophisticated “foreign food” experience, I could indulge myself with a pie featuring multiple wedges of that oh-so-not-Italian favorite, Camembert cheese. Camembert makes inexplicably frequent appearances on pizza here, along with corn. Go figure.

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