Fish Egg Mayo Pizza Chips

Can’t decide whether to go for pizza or sushi? Now you don’t have to, thanks to this revolutionary new potato chip flavor from Calbee. It’s bursting with the goodness of cod roe, mayonnaise, seaweed, cheddar and swiss cheese!

But there’s more! On the back, there’s a special offer! I was extremely disappointed to discover I just missed the deadline to get my giant party pack of Fish Egg Mayo Pizza Chips delivered to my door by a real live Italian person wearing platform shoes and a party hat!

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6 thoughts on “Fish Egg Mayo Pizza Chips

  1. Fish and cheese? That sounds pretty far from kosher…

    If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go vomit myself to sleep. 😛

    1. Caviar flavored chips are popular in Russia. By the way, caviar is not a super expensive food here, you know.

    1. Cod roe is sort of like PB&J here (kids often eat cod roe spaghetti while growing up) so I understand why it’s used to flavor so many snack foods, but it still brings me up short when I encounter it. (And yeah, it was kind of a surprise the first time I went to a restaurant and pointed to the photo of the spaghetti with nice familiar-looking red sauce and what came was NOT marinara! o_O)

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