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May 25

Crispy Intestine Snacks

Despite the fact that this new snack is called “Addictive Intestines,” I’m afraid you won’t find me bingeing a bucket ‘o crispy innards while Netflixing my way through a Saturday night, even though they boast not just one, but two kinds of squicky bits. They do make it easy to pick through the mix for […]

November 26

Tofu X Donut

  Mixed Message Food Mash-up Of The Year! Donuts made with tofu! In the interest of science, I felt it was imperative I step up to answer the burning question: does the healthy tofu part cancel out the evil donut part? I know I ought to have gone for the plain one – in order to give the tofu its best shot at ruining the donutty […]

November 15

Doughnuts With Ice Cream And Popcorn On Top

  Every once in a while you see a food mash-up that nearly sends you into insulin shock just by looking at it. I admit I say yes to sugar about 99% of the time – rain or shine, day or night – but when I saw these doughnut sundaes at the Shinjuku Krispy Kreme attempting to capitalize on the current […]

November 06

Freshly Fried Potato Chip Sundae

Deep in the labyrinthine dungeons of Tokyo Station lies Tokyo Confectionary Land, where they fry up potato chips before your very eyes! Even if they stopped there, it would have been enough to spur me into searching out this only-in-Japan destination, but when I heard they offer them topped with either squeezy cheese or soft-serve and […]

October 11

Spicy Tomato Filled Doughnuts?

Aieeeee, when I saw this on the menu at Krispy Kreme, I knew I’d have to strap on my Try Anything Once Cojones and take one for the team! So I bit into it and it was…odd. Not bad, exactly, but it definitely didn’t trigger the usual Step Away From That Bag O’Doughnuts warning sirens either. The doughnutty part […]

October 03

Do I Smell Like A Grapefruit Yet?

Seriously! According to the package, this “Body Fragrance” confection “aromatizes body with a sweet fragrance.” I imagined it to be kind of like eating raw garlic – except your skin is supposed to exude the attractive aroma of grapefruit instead of making everyone in the train hastily change seats – but I’ve been popping these candies like, well, candy, and I can’t tell if […]

August 18

What Cookie Is Black And White And Not The Flavor You Think It Is?

  Ooo, that square one on the bottom – gourmet Oreo, right? Heh heh heh, only if you’re ready to discover that the chocolate cookie bits have been enhanced by a scoop of bamboo charcoal and the cream filling tastes of gouda cheese with a hint of non-canonical truffle salt… • Read a novel set in Tokyo