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November 26

Tofu X Donut

  Mixed Message Food Mash-up Of The Year! Donuts made with tofu! In the interest of science, I felt it was imperative I step up to answer the burning question: does the healthy tofu part cancel out the evil donut part? I know I ought to have gone for the plain one – in order to give the tofu its best shot at ruining the donutty […]

November 15

Doughnuts With Ice Cream And Popcorn On Top

  Every once in a while you see a food mash-up that nearly sends you into insulin shock just by looking at it. I admit I say yes to sugar about 99% of the time – rain or shine, day or night – but when I saw these doughnut sundaes at the Shinjuku Krispy Kreme attempting to capitalize on the current […]

October 11

Spicy Tomato Filled Doughnuts?

Aieeeee, when I saw this on the menu at Krispy Kreme, I knew I’d have to strap on my Try Anything Once Cojones and take one for the team! So I bit into it and it was…odd. Not bad, exactly, but it definitely didn’t trigger the usual Step Away From That Bag O’Doughnuts warning sirens either. The doughnutty part […]

July 18

Meat Donuts

Now you don’t have to wait for breakfast to chow down on deep-fried donut goodness. Thanks to the product development geniuses at Mister Donut, now you can have them for dinner! In fact, you can serve them two nights in a row without guilt, since they come in two colors! Although the black sesame variety […]

May 27

Magical Protective Donuts

Here in Japan, donuts not only help you put on a nice protective layer of fat to cushion you against hard seats, cold nights and being mistaken for a fashion model, they also offer protection against evil spirits and wild animals! The glaze on this seasonal special from Mister Donut is oddly green because it’s […]