Spicy Tomato Filled Doughnuts?


Aieeeee, when I saw this on the menu at Krispy Kreme, I knew I’d have to strap on my Try Anything Once Cojones and take one for the team!

My first clue this wasn't a regular doughnut was that funny little pesto-tomato hat on top.
My first clue this wasn’t a regular doughnut was that funny little pesto-tomato hat on top.
Inside was, basically, a sort of sweet pizza sauce. I wouldn't say it was BAD, but good doesn't really cover it either.
Inside was, basically, a sort of sweet pizza sauce. I wouldn’t say it was BAD, but dammit, if I’m going to feel guilty for eating a doughnut, I want it to be a guilty PLEASURE. +_+

So I bit into it and it was…odd. Not bad, exactly, but it definitely didn’t trigger the usual Step Away From That Bag O’Doughnuts warning sirens either. The doughnutty part was the usual Krispy Kreme bread, I think, but since an overwhelming percentage of KK’s sweetness usually comes from the glazes and stuffings, this came off more like a soft pizza without any toppings.

This did make me wonder what’s up with the Japanese junk food market, though – with even Haagen Dazs introducing veggie ice creams, I hope the new trend isn’t to blur the line between main dish and dessert. Because EW.

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9 thoughts on “Spicy Tomato Filled Doughnuts?

  1. I’ll second that EW. No KK here, but our Mr Donuts keeps coming up with more and more complicated donut creations. It’s as if they’re trying to find ways to pack more calories in them. Stay away. Stay far away.

    1. You totally totally nail the new Mr. Donuts offerings – croissant-like dough fried like a donut, filled with cream and glazed? Arg! It really is like they’re trying to figure out how to make the world’s more calorie-packed substance. I am, however, eternally addicted to their most basic PonDe, and no matter how hard I try, I can’t eat just one. Which is why I too try to stay away. Far away. heh.

  2. Jerry’s been experimenting with Dutch Babies, aka German pancakes. I pointed out that the batter is not sweet at all, just eggy-flour-y, and that if he subbed grated parm for the traditional powdered sugar, it would work as a base for some savory topic. So he did, and it did.

    1. Ooo, I never thought of making those into a savory bread-like thing, but what a great idea! (Actually, now that you mention it, isn’t the batter pretty much like what you make popovers from?) These rather experimental-seeming tomato donuts were not quite like that, though – I think donut dough is inherently sweet, although leaving off the glaze and/or fillings makes it seem less so. In any case, this tomato concoction came off sweeter than I would have pleased me as a savory snack.

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