Veggie Ice Cream?!


From the land of snacks with tentacles and fish bone crackers comes the latest healthy food disguised as a snack: carrot and tomato ice cream! Haagen-Dazs Japan hit the subways with a “secret” poster campaign this month, introducing the latest way for even the most dedicated junk food addict to get some stealth vegetables.

The carrot one is mixed with orange, the tomato one with cherry. And what’s the verdict?

My inner suspicious child gives them an “A” for nicely matching the colors of the fruits and vegetables, but the taste fell a little short. Okay, it was actually on the “grimace” side of the smile-o-meter. The carrots were pretty well disguised by the orange, but the cherries could have worked a whole lot harder to hide the tomato-iness. If they come up with one that makes kale taste like chocolate, though, I’ll be first in line.

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5 thoughts on “Veggie Ice Cream?!

  1. I saw these! They looked really gross, and since it’s apparently health food it probably WAS gross. Tomato cherry sounded awful, and now I have confirmation…. Bleh

    1. Yeah, if you’re going to try strange food, there’s enough strange traditional Japanese food around to keep you busy for years! Some of it turns out to be delicious (like fish bone crackers) and others are more, um, like the naizō I bravely forked up a few weeks ago, not wanting to insult the Japanese friend who had chosen a restaurant that serves RAW SALTED FISH GUTS with their beer…

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