Fish Bone Crackers


骨煎餅(ほねせんべい/hone senbei)

Look! Look! They have fish bone crackers on the menu at this izakaya! I love fish bone crackers!

What? Oh, haha, don’t you mean “fish bone” crackers?

Uh, no. That would be fish bone “crackers.”

Eww, does that mean what I think it means?

Yeah, they’re made from real fish bones. Little fishie spines, little fishie ribs,  little fishie tails, little fishie fins, all deep-fried to crispy perfection with seasoning salt. Try one!

You mean…there’s no meat. No meat at all. Just…bones.

Yeah. They’re crunchy! Better than potato chips. Try one!

No. Uh-uh. No way.

TRY ONE. See? They’re great, aren’t they? Hey! Hey stop that! Get your own order! Those are mine!

Jonelle Patrick is the author of the Only In Tokyo mystery seriespublished by Penguin/Intermix.

Published by Penguin/Intermix