So, What DO Cherry Blossoms Taste Like?

Around cherry blossom season in Japan, the shelves suddenly fill with “sakura”-flavored food. But what does cherry blossom-flavored food actually taste like? I investigate.


Cherry blossoms taste like…mini-shrimp potato chips.


Cherry blossoms taste like…plum-flavored whisky & soda.


Cherry blossoms taste like…pinkish berry combo gel and vanilla ice cream.


Cherry blossoms taste like…potato chips sprinkled with ground up bits of plum blossoms.*


And of course, cherry blossoms taste like…beer.

*Edited, thanks to Little Alex, whose comment below quite rightly pointed out that I had been utterly fooled into buying these unseasonal PLUM FLOWER sprinkled chips. Thinking that because they were still on the shelf at hanami time, I misidentified them as sakura flavor (#^.^#)

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