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January 26

In Which We Try Those Wicked-Looking Chocolate Covered French Fries

  Aieeee, it’s true! McDonald’s is selling chocolate covered french fries in Tokyo! These are so clearly a frontrunner for the All Flavors Of Nope Award, I feel I must selflessly step up and take one for the team… • Read a novel set in Tokyo  

April 13

The Triple-Decker Noodle Burger

Just when you thought America had cornered the market when it came to eating ALL the carbs, Japanese burger chain Loteria one-ups the red-white-‘n-blue with this tri-deck noodle monster. Yes, it’s that carbo-load favorite, noodles on a bun. Times three. Enjoy. • Unlike the triple carbo extravaganza, Jonelle Patrick writes novels set in Tokyo “A genuinely gripping crime […]

September 30

Yes, Even The Cheese Is Black

I finally tried Burger King Japan’s most recent all-black, all-the-time burger offering, and OMG please don’t look now, but I wolfed it down in record time. It looks pretty weird (especially the BLACK CHEESE) but the taste was I-think-I’d-better-have-another-in-the-interest-of-science good. Bun, cheese and sauce are all flavored with bamboo charcoal and squid ink – two things I’d normally avoid like the […]

July 13

When I Said I Wanted Cheese Pizza, I Didn’t Mean THAT Kind Of Cheese!

I thought I’d seen the pinnacle of Unclear On The Concept when wedges of Camembert started showing up on Japanese pizza, but that was before I spotted this one topped with, yes, blue cheese. Mmm, mmm, little veins of smelly melted moldy bits, paired with tomatoes and that perennial Italian favorite, broccoli. • Read a novel […]

June 03

I’ll See Your Triple Burger And Raise You A Shrimp Puck

What is Lotteria thinking? Seriously, how could you even bite that thing? I’m not talking about the triple-decker beef-o-rama – I’m eyeing that fried shrimp tower-o-power with the shovelful of tartar sauce just waiting to squish out the other side and all over your shoes (and your socks and your pants and, basically, the shoes of anyone standing within a […]

July 31

Salad Pizza

Now that we’re deep into the dog days of summer, doesn’t the very idea of nomming down a hot slice heaped with stomach-bombing meats kind of make you shudder? Enter…the Salad Pizza! Sure to please the ever-dieting bikini wearers as well as the lone vegetarian throwing a wrench into the Friday night beer fest, this […]

March 16

Apple Burger

What’s with the fruit on burgers here, people? I mean, I like apples. And I like burgers. But can we all agree that apples on burgers just does not go together like, say, peanut butter and chocolate? And while we’re on the subject, apple pie + chocolate chips = what? Mom’s home cookin’ gone rogue? […]