The Carb-O-Load Burger

…and just so no addictive starchy food group is left out, it come with fries!

Hey, what happens if you slap everybody’s favorite carb-o-rific side dishes together and sandwich them between an additionally carbo-o-loaded bun?

Macaroni & cheese + shrimp croquette = McDonald’s Japan’s new Gurakoro Burger! The name comes from smushing together the words “gratin” (here it’s pronounced guratan)  and “croquette” (pronounced korokei), since no other word could begin to describe a deep-fried patty made from a fiendish combo of mashed potatoes, shrimp, mac & cheese and white sauce.

McDonalds is way behind other fast food joints in coming up with weird ideas like pink cherry buns, spaghetti burgers or just-don’t-go-there patties topped with mango, but I’d say the Gurakoro puts them back in the running.

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