Spaghetti Burger

Yesterday afternoon I was running around my neighborhood without lunch and too many errands to do, and suddenly I turned into a teenage boy. MUST. EAT. ONE MILLION CALORIES. NOW.

Fortunately, the ever-handy MosBurger was close enough to stumble into, but as I was making for the finish line, I was brought to a screeching halt by this month’s special: The Spaghetti Burger! This marvel of fast food engineering attempts to satisfy three heretofore mutually exclusive cravings: pasta, tonkatsu (deep-fried pork cutlet) and burgers! MosBurger’s deep understanding of the kind of brain fade associated with sudden teenage hunger has produced a masterpiece that can be ordered with two words, but delivers deep-fried porkalicious goodness and Italian comfort food all served up with special sauce and shredded cabbage on a sesame seed bun! International junk food mashup achievement unlocked!

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