And Today’s Japanese Pizza Mystery Ingredient Is…?

Blue Cheese? blaaat.

Camembert? blaaat.

Gouda? blaaat.

Maple Syrup? BING-BONG!

Yes, this month, Domino’s Japan will ship you a pizza bursting with four cheeses never before melted together on a crust, and some of Quebec’s finest pancake condiment to pour over the top! A taste treat to…remember.

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13 thoughts on “And Today’s Japanese Pizza Mystery Ingredient Is…?

  1. I would love to be a fly on the wall during these company meetings. Like, what about Japanese culture dictates that putting maple syrup on a white (!!) pizza would be appealing?

    1. That’s what I thought too! But when I mentioned this to my Japanese friends, they said things like, “Well, usually we’d put a little honey on it, but maple syrup sounds good…!” The thing that sort of baffles me is that Japanese people (especially men) don’t love things that are too sweet or too fatty. Which this combo is, in SPADES.

  2. It sounds like a good balance of cheeses, and the maple syrup adds that sweet-salty hit. I dunno; I’d try a slice.

    1. I guess if you divorce it from the idea of “pizza” and don’t put it in a category labeled either “dinner” or “dessert,” it might be kind of interesting. Reva, you made me think about this…

    1. I have to admit, when it came time to order, I chose otherwise. o_O The half-melted chunks are wedges of Camembert! Why Camembert mades such a frequent appearance on Japanese pizza remains a giant cultural mystery to me.

  3. LOL! They must love it if frequently appears.

    My co-workers gave me strange looks when I told them about your post. Though they did say its probably done because it’s salty and sweet and might appeal to your taste buds. Someone was definitely lovin this odd combo.

    My husband thought the chunks were tofu! Haha! 😀

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