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October 28

Insanely Detailed Sculptures Made From Japanese Snack Packages

From the nation of insane Japanese modelmakers, this. The artist known as “Karabako Shokunin Harukiru” (That’s “Empty Box Craftsman Harukiru” to you), snips and folds and glues the unlikely medium of Japanese snack food boxes into unbelievably intricate sculptures, and right now there’s a killer exhibit of his work at the Ikebukuro PARCO museum. And […]

January 20

Mosquito Repellant Battle-O-Rama

How could I have been so distracted by the gyoza calling to me from the food street in Namco Namja Town that I completely missed the attraction in which you ride a pig-shaped mosquito punk burner and “defeat noxious insects from the Amazon using a pesticide spray can”?! I avoided the haunted house attraction too, […]

December 24

I’ll Have the Eel Sundae with Pepper and a Cherry on Top

Yep, it’s actually eel-flavored ice cream. With a handy packet of sanshō pepper on top for your take-out dining pleasure! At the Cup Ice Store you can buy individual servings of this and many other flavors that at best might be described as…interesting. If you’d like to visit the Cup Ice Store (in the Namco Namja Town Gyoza […]

December 14

Streets Paved with Gyoza

Inside Namco Namja Town in Ikebukuro is a crooked little street lined with stands featuring the best potsticker dumplings from all over Japan. It looks like an old shitamachi lane, and the choices are dizzying. Regional specialties served with a squeeze of sudachi lime or mixed with shiso leaves are joined by more, hmm, experimental […]