Pizza Taco

Sometimes “foreign food” is REALLY foreign in Japan. Like “Mayo Con Beef Tacos.” Or, even more mysterious, “Egg Feeling Tacos.” Basically: Anything in a folded tortilla? It’s a taco!

A first I was puzzled by why “pizza” was mentioned – since it seems to be missing from the menu altogether – but I bet they’re using Italian tomato sauce instead of Mexican style. The Mexican food I’ve had in Tokyo has been universally awful. Bland. Or spicy, but not in a good way. The Italian food is almost always great, though, so I suspect that Mediterranean flavors resonate more with the Japanese palate than Central American flavors.

The weird thing is, if you step away from the idea of what a taco should be, the “tacos” on that menu are probably pretty tasty. I’ll go back and try them someday when the place is open, and experience what Japanese visitors to the U.S. feel when they go to a sushi bar and are confronted by a Dragon Roll.

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