Hot Dog Pizza

And you thought pizza couldn’t be improved as the perfect junk food! In honor of spring, Pizza-LA comes through with the Buttered Potato & Sausage Pizza In addition to that ring of delightful little hot dogs, it’s got corn, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, and bacon, all topped off with that oh-so-Italian favorite, lemon butter sauce.

Also on offer is this Clubhouse Pizza. I’m guessing the roast chicken and bacon are meant to evoke that golf club lunchtime staple, but whoever named it was slightly unclear on the concept. I can’t say I’ve ever eaten a Club Sandwich that also featured…scrambled eggs.

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3 thoughts on “Hot Dog Pizza

  1. Somehow I found my way here, and I after skimming through your blog my fascination with Japan has been rekindled. I look forward to seeing more oddities and the possibility of one day visiting (without speaking a word of Japanese, though in middle school a friend taught me how to say “I don’t speak Japanese”).

    1. It might be extremely dangerous for you to visit, because if you’re amused by the weird stuff I put on this blog every day, you’ll have such a great time here you won’t want to go home! And language isn’t as much of a barrier as everybody thinks, since all the signs and stuff are written in romaji (English alphabet) as well as in Japanese. People are shy about using the English they all had to study from 7th grade on, but most can muster a perfectly intelligible answer to any question.

      (I love your blog, by the way! Was reading it on the train on the way home from school today!)

      1. I’m now kind of hoping I can get a job over in Japan once I’m out of law school…. Sausage pizza and doggy dumplings and a doggy rice maker and design-your-own-undies and now bullet train socks? It’s way too overwhelming. 😀

        Thanks, but I feel really guilty for only updating it a handful of times while I was in London. I write a little bit more regularly on my DeviantArt, if you don’t mind wandering into that wretched hive of scum and villainy. (

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