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April 24

A Rabbit A Day At The Bunny Cafe

Hello there, bunnies! Wow, you are cute and friendly. Please don’t poop on me. Fortunately, lap diapers are dispensed at the door, so you can enjoy the lovely bunnies without any dry cleaning anxiety. At the Ohisama rabbit café, a 30-minute lapful of long-eared fluffiness will set you back about ten bucks, including the coffee/tea of your choice (served in […]

July 04

Great Balls of Fiery Okinawan Spirits

Up four flights of stairs in Shimokitazawa is this drinkery I don’t know the name of, but it’s got a killer light-up bar and specializes in an Okinawan spirit called awamori. Made from Thai rice, awamori is not for the weak. It packs a 60-86 proof punch and is traditionally served with ice and water. But like shōchū, […]

June 23

Aptly Named Bars of Tokyo

The owners of these Tokyo watering holes clearly believe in calling a spade a spade! • Read a novel set in Tokyo…  

June 15

Pickle-flavored Pringles

Japanese consumers eat pickles by the gallon, but not THESE kind of pickles. Rating three splats on the Sour-O-Meter, Screamin’ Dill Pickle Pringles are the most mysterious flavor I’ve seen yet. I mean, last time I checked, sourness wasn’t the most prized attribute of potato chips. I can tell they’re not a locally developed product because the […]

May 02

When You Look in the Mirror and Nothing Short of a Miracle Will Do…

Book a quick appointment with the Hair God! I saw this out in Sugamo, which is not too far from an actual shrine dedicated to hair, in all its many forms. Barbers, stylists, stage actors and celebs of all stripes come to Oji to pray for good hair days and get their wigs blessed. (Since […]

February 27

Live Music for Eight

Remember how I was talking about shoebox-sized businesses here in Tokyo? Well, around the corner from Eat A Peach in Shimokitazawa is the Apollo Jazz Bar. As you walk by on the narrow street outside, the sound of pro musicians jamming wafts up the steps from this basement grotto, calling you in like the Pied Piper. […]

January 23

Time For a Nice Bowl of Intestine Soup

Forget the Clearasil and dumpster the Oil of Olay. My friend Hiro tells me that all I have to do to have beautiful skin is eat lots of motsunabe. Apparently, Japanese women have eaten pig intestines for ages, chasing the perfect creamy complexion. On a cold winter night, the bubbling pot of motsunabe turned out to […]