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December 11

Ten Best Stocking Stuffers From Japan!

10. SUSHI SOCKS 9. DIY CROSS STITCH PHONE CASE 8. ANIMAL SKELETONS 7. DEVIL WAX 6. EYELID EXERCISER 5. EMOJI EYE MASK 4. DEODORANT CANDY 3. NINJA SNACK PICKS 2. THE STATUE OF TOO MUCH LIBERTY 1. PIGGY ZAPPER And of course, if there are any book lovers on your list, you can get your shopping done in a flash, because the Only In […]

December 02

Top Ten Only In Japan Holiday Gifts 2014!

10. What do you give the person who has everything? They’ve already got a one-shot coffee maker. And a one-shot tea machine. But I bet they don’t have a ONE-SHOT MISO SOUP MAKER! 9. Landing a blow for equal opportunity character pillows, the otaku girls on your list will love sleeping with the SINGING PRINCE DREAM CUSHION! 8. […]

August 24

Slightly Creepy, And Yet…

Solve the perennial problem of having to listen to the life story of the ex-schoolteacher from Peoria on your next flight out of Tokyo by donning one of these luridly realistic eye masks! Choose from Unblinking Mass Murderer, Flight Panic Stare, Mad Scientist Who Is Looking For Subjects For His Next Experiment, Loony Bin Escapee, […]

December 16

Top Ten Only In Japan Holiday Gifts 2012!

10. For the film maven on your list who camped overnight in line at the movie theatre to see the new Evangelion…ANIME EYES SLEEP MASKS (seen at Village Vanguard) 9. For the octopus ball lover who just can’t get enough of a good thing…JUMBO DIY TAKOYAKI MAKER (seen at Tokyu Hands) 8. For the vampire gourmet…BLOOD […]

December 04

Make Your Room Smell Like You’ve Been Smoking Weed, Even If You Haven’t!

Um, was it Opposite Day or were the geniuses at HEM just a little unclear on the concept when they dreamed up this product? “Hey boy, smells like you been smokin’ some illegal substances in here!” “No, I swear, it’s just incense!” Saw these at  the Village Vanguard store in Shimo-kitazawa. If you’d like to be […]

November 26

Dieting Made Easy

If you’ve been searching for a miracle diet that’s guaranteed to make you eat less – or not at all! – at every meal, your quest for the holy grail has ended! Introducing the “Curry Plate Of Shape Of Toilet.” Yes, this white porcelain plate is a perfect replica of a Japanese squat-style toilet. Paired […]

September 28

If Darth Hadn’t Been An Absentee Father…

“D-a-a-a-d-d-y!” “What?” “Greedo pushed me!” “Hmm, who pushed first?” This is a page from “Darth Vader & Son,” a book written originally in English by Jeffrey Brown, but it’s especially funny to me in Japanese because kids are kids and parents are parents, the world over. You know? Saw this at  the Village Vanguard store in […]