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May 01

The Slippery Slope, Illustrated

See, this is where tolerance will get you. Let them get away with putting ginger pickles and fish shavings on pizza, say nothing when your spaghetti comes topped with sea urchin eggs, and next thing you know, you’ll be waking up to every child’s worst nightmare: SPINACH PANCAKES. • Read a novel set in Tokyo…

September 10

Twice The Guilt & Half The Pleasure

Okay,I totally get that some days it’s hard to choose between a bucket of french fries and a bathtub of ice cream. I even understand that some days you just say FML, I’m having BOTH. But this? No. Just…no. • Read a novel set in Tokyo…

August 29

It Must Be Fake Peach Flavor Season Again

The vending machines are suddenly stuffed with pink drinks. Of course, there hasn’t been a genuine fuzzy-skinned stone fruit within a thousand kilometers of these so-called “peach” libations, but that doesn’t stop them from making the point that even drinks flavored with highly unnatural chemicals must only appear when they’re “in season” in Japan. • Read a novel set in Tokyo

November 26

What’s Purple And Squishy And Tastes Like Thanksgiving?

  This time of year, if it’s sweet and purple, it tastes like…WAT? Yes, sweet potato candy (and muffins and ice cream) is a THING, and anything that’s purple in Japan right now tastes kind of like Thanksgiving without the marshmallows. Let’s sidestep the impossible task of pondering why anyone would make desserts that taste like sweet […]

April 13

The Triple-Decker Noodle Burger

Just when you thought America had cornered the market when it came to eating ALL the carbs, Japanese burger chain Loteria one-ups the red-white-‘n-blue with this tri-deck noodle monster. Yes, it’s that carbo-load favorite, noodles on a bun. Times three. Enjoy. • Unlike the triple carbo extravaganza, Jonelle Patrick writes novels set in Tokyo “A genuinely gripping crime […]

January 11

Popcorn Latte

I think I’d describe this as: all flavors of NO. • Although you still ought to read a novel set in Tokyo

November 26

Tofu X Donut

  Mixed Message Food Mash-up Of The Year! Donuts made with tofu! In the interest of science, I felt it was imperative I step up to answer the burning question: does the healthy tofu part cancel out the evil donut part? I know I ought to have gone for the plain one – in order to give the tofu its best shot at ruining the donutty […]