The Indo-Taco!

Out walking and far from home last weekend, I was struck by the sudden need to acquire about a thousand calories. Lucky for me, there was a Mos Burger conveniently located within  staggering distance. The Japanese equivalent of McDonald’s, Mos Burger’s claim to fame is a burger topped with a sunny-side-up egg. (This is a cultural mystery on which I can offer zero insight.)

Anyway, I whipped inside, and – not exactly craving an egg-burger – I saw this month’s special was the Naan Taco! Okay, first of all, if I had to pick two cuisines that would make the world’s strangest bed partners, Indian and Mexican would have to win. Spicy, but in totally different ways, I was dying to see how a mass market burger chain would sell that to a public that doesn’t even like spicy in one way.

It was…interesting. The tortilla chip crumbs, lettuce, tomato and Cheese Wiz all pretty much tasted as expected, but the oddly dark ground meat foundation was a marvel of sweetish strangeness, revealing that Japanese focus groups apparently don’t hate cumin. I did eat the whole thing, though. Go figure.

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8 thoughts on “The Indo-Taco!

  1. The taco enthusiast within me is appalled and intrigued by this odd cultural mismatch. I think I’ll just stick with the regular taco, though…

  2. Just when you think it can’t get any weirder it does. Never would I ever think of that combination.

  3. Actually that sounds pretty good to me. Both Mexican and Indian cuisines use cumin, so you’ve got the meldy thing going. As well as the melty.

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