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BlueFlame November 23

In Which We #takedownjulienblanc With The Hot Blue Flame Of Loathing

Any foreigner who lives in Japan by choice has been there: Oh no, oh no, quick, put up the hoodie! Inch away from that loud foreigner doing something that’s making everyone stare at the ground and cringe. Desperately wish for the ability to telepathically project “I may be a gaijin, but I’m not THAT kind of gaijin.”  So it’s not too surprising that the Twittersphere lit up last week with a hashtag originating in […]

SFXgashFeat November 21

How To Make A Wickedly Scary Gash On Your Arm In Seven Easy Steps!

Looks totally real, doesn’t it? In fact, it’s the artistry of one of the students at the Amazing School JUR’s special effects table at Design Festa! I opted for the ¥500 standard slasher attack, but you could also sign up for the ¥1000 “X-marks-the-psycho” gashes or a gaping wound that looked like the velociraptors got […]

See that fluffy-looking little ball to the right of the Hedgehog Palace? This is what your new pet will look like during daylight hours. November 19

Wonder If They’ll All Be Named ‘Sonic’?

The newest pet craze to hit Tokyo: hedgehogs. For full enjoyment of your new pet, it would be best to adopt a schedule that includes all-night video gaming, as they are primarily nocturnal and will Assume The Position (shown above) for most of the day. Also, although they look cuddly, that fluffy-looking fur is actually spines. Just sayin’. The […]

IMG_6467 November 16

Where To See The Best Fall Leaves In Tokyo

I hope you’re all rested up from our cherry blossom death march last spring, because it’s time to strap on your camera and a couple of extra batteries to hunt down the best autumn leaves in Tokyo! Here are my picks, from ginkgo season through momiji: Arranged from earliest to latest: SHOWA KINEN PARK - Tachikawa DIRECTIONS […]

PopcornSundaeFeat November 15

Doughnuts With Ice Cream And Popcorn On Top

  Every once in a while you see a food mash-up that nearly sends you into insulin shock just by looking at it. I admit I say yes to sugar about 99% of the time – rain or shine, day or night – but when I saw these doughnut sundaes at the Shinjuku Krispy Kreme attempting to capitalize on the current […]

VendingSeason November 13

Fall Is When The Vending Machines Change Colors In Japan

Here, you don’t need to go out and commune with nature to know when autumn has arrived – all you have to do is check your corner vending machine to see how many of the cold tea offerings have switched over to hot tea. Jonelle Patrick is the author of the Only In Tokyo mystery series, published by Penguin/Intermix.

ChrysanthemumFeat November 12

Where To See The Best Chrysanthemums In Tokyo

These eye-popping exhibitions will change your opinion of those humble fall flowers forever! Here’s where to see the best chrysanthemums in Tokyo: • YUSHIMA TENJIN SHRINE Admission: Free Dates: November 1-23 MAP & DIRECTIONS • SHINJUKU GYOUEN GARDEN Admission: ¥200 Dates: November 1-15 MAP & DIRECTIONS • KAMEIDO TENJIN SHRINE Admission: Free Dates: October 23 – November […]


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