What’s Wrong With These Desserts…?


Luscious strawberries…succulent peaches…flaky pastry…fresh whipped cream…all topped off with…PARSLEY. Yes, the fluffy little herb that rocked the 1950s sits inexplicably atop this otherwise tasty-looking fruit tart, and the strangest thing is, this wasn’t a random garnish fail.

How about a big bite of Mont Blanc desert-itude featuring candied chestnuts, chocolate, custard, cream…and PARSLEY?
Or banana-cream-caramel pastry-licious pie, handily decorated with…PARSLEY.

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4 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With These Desserts…?

  1. So weird. And yet we garnish all sorts of desserts (well, SOME desserts) with mint leaves, which have a much more assertive taste. Parsley, though, seems so VEGETAL, somehow….

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