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March 09

The Anime Shrine

If you live, breathe, and want to work in anime, the Kanda Myōjin shrine is the place to pray that your dreams come true. But you’d better bring your markers and all your drawing chops, because competition for the gods’ attention is fierce. At most shrines, prayers are just scribbled on the backs of wooden […]

March 03

DragonballZ: The Hair Wax

You know you’ve been waiting for it: now there’s a product that claims to give you amazing anime-tastic hair exactly like the characters in DragonballZ. And as long as anime celebrities are endorsing hair products… Calvin & Hobbes is of course drawn by Bill Waterson, and Tintin is the creation of Hergé. • Read a novel […]

February 13

Not Your Average Action Figure

While this One Piece Donquixote Donflamingo character could certainly whup your average GI Joe in a fashion showdown at high noon, I can’t quite imagine him as Barbie’s main squeeze… • Read a novel set in Tokyo…  

January 08

Street Fightin’ Yakuza Action Figures

More than meets the eye! For hours of happy crime spree play, nothing can beat the thug rangers! Your platinum-haired chinpira will pinch Barbie’s car before she can squeal “math is hard,” the mirror-shaded loan shark can hit Ken up anytime, anywhere, for that gambling debt plus interest, and even GI Joe had better watch out […]

June 22

The Boyfriend Of Your Dreams For Only $70!

He doesn’t leave his socks on the floor, he doesn’t hog the remote, and he doesn’t snore! But when you close your eyes and wrap your arms around your full-body-size hunk of burnin’ love and plug in your earphones, he’ll lull you to sleep by whispering sweet nothings in your ear! You’ll never have to […]

May 04

How To Get Anime Eyes, Part II

Eyelid glue? Check! Colored circle contacts? Check! Long curled eyelashes? Oh no! Quick, get thee to the eyelash salon! Seems like there’s a shop on every corner promising Japanese women the long curled eyelashes of their dreams. Because Asian eyes have single fold lids, eyelashes tend to point straight down instead of out, and Japanese eyelashes […]

July 15

Biohazard Cafe

Hmm, I’ve never gotten food poisoning in Japan, even from the sketchiest of conbini bentos, but eating at the Biohazard Cafe seemed a little too close to giving Fate a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. If I were a big Resident Evil fan I might have overcome my reservations, but… • Read […]