The Boyfriend Of Your Dreams For Only $70!


He doesn’t leave his socks on the floor, he doesn’t hog the remote, and he doesn’t snore! But when you close your eyes and wrap your arms around your full-body-size hunk of burnin’ love and plug in your earphones, he’ll lull you to sleep by whispering sweet nothings in your ear!

You’ll never have to sleep alone again once you have one of these twelve swoonworthy “Weekly Sleeping Partner” character pillows with matching audio CDs. They’re the brainchildren of the designers of the Black Butterfly series of PC games – role playing fantasies that sweep women off their feet into a new life with the lover of their choice. In the much anticipated “Butterfly Lip,” every day promises to be a relationship roller coaster, including snackable casanovas who tempt the player to stray from the straight and narrow!


From the cute and shy to the aloof and angst-ridden, you’re certain to find the man of your dreams among the twelve virtual boyfriends of Black Butterfly! Each character swans into your life with a CD of pillow talk (left) and a two-sided, 160 cm x 50 cm body pillow (right).

Check out the goodnight whisperings from each of the characters by clicking on their pictures here! Sweet dreams, ladies!

The CDs sell separately for around ¥1575, or you can order the CD and pillow for around ¥7000. If you don’t live in Japan, you can order the limited edition pillows and CDs from the extra-hip folks at White Rabbit Express, who will shop, pack and send anything from Japan for a ridiculously reasonable price. These are limited edition collectibles, so they might be sold out.

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