Hardcore Workout Equipment…For Your Face

How many reps to conquer those crow's feet?
How many reps to conquer those crow’s feet?

Getting yourself a righteously small face has always been prized in Japan, but having a face that just oozes buffness is apparently the new Holy Grail Of Pulchritude. Behold the dizzying array of exercise devices for your head, all designed to shape and tone your visage into a model of curvaceous (and unwrinkled) youth.

The Hard Type Face Stretch. To, strengthen your uh, face. Or make it more flexible. Or something.
If you don't get rid of your own laugh lines with this baby, at least you'll give them to everyone watching you pump iron with your eyelids.
If you don’t get rid of your laugh lines with this baby, at least you’ll give them to everyone who is watching you pump iron with your eyelids.
The Happy Face Trainer: a more chiseled smile...or else
The Happy Face Trainer: yikes!

Saw these at Don Kihote store in Shibuya.

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3 thoughts on “Hardcore Workout Equipment…For Your Face

    1. Waahh, wish I could suggest something that would bring a real smile to your face! It sounds like lately you’ve been fighting demon tobacco on one hand, taming wild kitties with the other, and still managing to keep a dozen balls in the air work-wise. Not a smily task, any of those, but maybe as the summer heat lets up a bit and we ease into fall, everything will begin falling into place.

      (Also, I’ll be back in Tokyo from late Sept to early Nov, so if you end up having a free hour or two, would love to meet and eat, stroll, drink, whatever!)

      1. Thanks, Jonelle. You’re the icing on my Pop-Tart and your comment made my day. Yeah, it’s been tough lately, but the positive side is wild kitty distracts me from wanting to smoke, and having too much work is SO much better than not enough.

        Absolutely would love to buy you a drink when you’re back in town. I seem to have misplaced your email address, but we can always connect through blogs.

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