World’s Worst Popsicle


If spaghetti-flavored ice on a stick isn’t the world’s worst idea for a snack, I don’t know what is. But, in an act of supreme self-sacrifice, I tried it, so you don’t have to!

Supposedly, the “Napolitan Rich” Gari-Gari contains pockets of tomato jelly, but I was unable to detect them in the short time the instantly-regretted bite spent in my mouth. Because the human brain has an unfortunately fast response time when it comes to taste, I can report that it delivered all the saltiness and spaghetti-like qualities of leftovers that have been languishing in a tupperware behind the ice cube tray for a month, mixed with unexpected (and definitely unwelcome) sugary sweetness.

Unless you have taste buds of steel, don’t try this at home. +_+

The worst decision I’ve made in recent months.

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11 thoughts on “World’s Worst Popsicle

  1. Just hearing the name garigarikun makes me teeth chatter… I can’t imagine even looking at one of those. This blog post should come with a warning…! (^-^;)

  2. Sometimes you freeze leftover spaghetti to save for a rainy day, and then sometimes you decide “you know what? I don’t need to heat this up to enjoy it.”

    Except that never happens.

    1. Yeah, why is it that cold lasagna and cold pizza are OK for breakfast (DON’T JUDGE), but cold spaghetti is so off-putting? That’s even assuming it’s GOOD spaghetti, like the kind you actually ate for dinner, not some horrid factory replica laced with sugar and frozen on a stick…

  3. Thank you, Jonelle, for playing guinea pig. I put my total trust in you and will stick with ice cream flavors that do not inspire the gag reflex.

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