Scary Santa

“Ho Ho Ho-rror!”

You know how some kids are afraid to go sit on Santa’s lap, even if they really really really want a pony? Well, I bet all the Santa phobias in the known world can be traced back to an early childhood experience with someone like THIS. What was the package designer thinking, casting a mass murderer as the model for this product? This Santa definitely looks like the type who would leave raw meat in your stocking, even if you’d been good all year.

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10 thoughts on “Scary Santa

  1. I imagine some poor gaijin who responded to a modeling ad and was thrilled he got the gig even though he never considered himself especially good looking. And then he figured out what he would be modeling, but hey, it’s in Japan and who would ever see it anyway…

    1. Haha, I bet you’re spot on! In fact, see how he’s trying to smile for the camera beneath the beard? Sure sign he has more experience posing in family Christmas pictures than as Jack The Ripper Claus…

  2. There’s this story in college I had to read and I think it was called 6 to 8 black men. Your probably thinking what this has to do with Santa? Lol well it was a story of how the Dutch viewed the Santa story so instead of having elves he would have 6 to 8 black men come with him. Can’t remember the whole story but I think Santa and them beat up the kids if they were bad and broke down the door or something weird like that. Made me think of that when I saw this creepy Santa.

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