An Only-In-Japan Problem If There Ever Was One

Motion blur photo of omikoshi being carried at Senso-ji temple in Asakusa at the Sanja matsuri

We’re coming into high matsuri season, when the local Shinto gods are paraded through the neighborhood to remind them of all the people and businesses they’re supposed to be keeping a lucky eye on, but these sake-filled summertime festivals that feature scantily-clad men rocking that shrine through the streets…

Omikoshi team getting ready for parade, wearing fundoshi

come with their own peculiar anxiety…

Omikoshi team drinking in Asakusa after the Sanja matsuri
Omikoshi team drinking in Asakusa after the Sanja matsuri

What if you finally get the coveted invite to don a fanny-flashing fundoshi and help carry the neighborhood shrine, but, well…you have a really hairy butt?

Ta-daaaa! Don Kihote to the rescue:

The Ketsuge (“Butt Fur”) Trimmer, for all your bum-baring needs.

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8 thoughts on “An Only-In-Japan Problem If There Ever Was One

      1. You are so right! There was a store in the malls in California, kind of a joke store, that it might have fit. By the way, why would one need a speciality razor just for the booty? Asking for a friend. LOL!

  1. Hahahahaaaaaa I’ve never seen that before !!!! I’m laughing soooo hard . It must be painful too… Men have it easy usually when it comes to being hairy but with the fundoshi they must feel our pain 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    1. I know! I admit, I had a little moment of glee, imagining them, er, wrestling with this problem. But I’m so glad the Furry Butt Razor exists—I mean, one of the most oh-no-can’t-unsee matsuri moments is glimpsing a guy with a really hairy patootie dancing that shrine down the street. And it’s not like it’s rare. THERE’S ALWAYS AT LEAST ONE. lol (And thanks for sharing the anti-hairy love over at Mchan Returns!)

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