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Live Your Best Miniature Life for a Year in Tokyo’s Small Worlds Theme Park

If you’ve ever wished you could shrink yourself and live in one of the amazing model worlds Japan is so famous for…now you can!

Small Worlds—a vast, animatronic, model-trains-on-steriods theme park that not only reimagines Tokyo, but the Sailor Moon and Evangelion versions of it—offers a one-year “residence permit” that allows a tiny 3D-scanned model of YOU (dressed and posed any way you like) to be placed in the world of your choosing!

Small Worlds Tokyo model with custom 3D scanned figures
The permit is good for a year, and it includes a one-day group pass so you and your friends can come see your figure and take photos (This photo thanks to Small Worlds Tokyo)

The park is all indoors, but it’s both huge and detailed, so you can spend many happy hours exploring all its nooks and easter eggs. It’s divided into three different themes: Global Village, Sailor Moon and Evangelion.

Small Worlds Tokyo Global Village model Italy
The Global Village is a city with neighborhoods from around the world…
Small Worlds Tokyo Global Village model
where not only do the scale model trains chug tirelessly along their tracks, cars and trucks seem to roam the streets under their own power…
Small Worlds Tokyo Global Village model, China
Lights flicker, and neon flashes as day cycles to night and back again…
Small Worlds Tokyo Global Village model outdoor movie
People gather for a (socially distanced!) outdoor movie…
Small Worlds Tokyo Kansai International Airport model
Planes actually take off and land at the model of Kansai International Airport…
Small Worlds Tokyo rocket launch spaceport model
And there are regular launches of smoke and flame-spurting rocket ships at the spaceport
Small Worlds Tokyo airport terminal model
You can see how insanely detailed the whole thing is, by eagle-eyeing this view of the airport terminal
Small Worlds Tokyo Sailor Moon model
If treasure hunts are your thing, there are Sailor Moon Guardians concealed all around town, in the model of 1970s Azabu Juban
Small Worlds Tokyo Sailor Moon model
And you can hunt for Tsukino Usagi’s house, with a roof that periodically lifts to show the rooms inside, arranged exactly as they are in the anime
Small Worlds Tokyo Megalopolis Tokyo-3 Evangelion model
Or if you prefer your fantasy worlds to be Evangelion-flavored, thrill to Megalopolis Tokyo-3 sinking into the earth under alien attack, and find all your favorite characters at perfect 1:80 scale

All photos but the first one were taken by my friend who runs the excellent Where In Tokyo website, and you can see lots more great snaps here!

Open: Every day

Hours: 9:30 – 20:00

Admission: ¥2700 per adult

If you want a tiny version of yourself to live in Small Worlds for a year, the “Residency Program” costs ¥19,800 per adult, and includes a personal 3D scanned model figure in the costume (BYO) and pose of your choice and a one-day group pass to return to view the figure placed in your chosen model


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  1. Are we actually able to do that? hehe I would be keen if so. I think one day we should enjoy some matcha tea and cakes together in Japan in real life, I would so look forward to that xxx

    • Arg, sorry to put this here out of the blue! I’ve been trying to figure out how to contact you, because my publisher asked if there were any bloggers/reviewers I’d like to offer an Advance Reader Copy of The Last Tea Bowl Thief to, and I thought of you. No obligation to say yes, of course, but if it sounds at all like something your readers might enjoy knowing about, let me know what email address to use, and I’ll get an ARC to you. There’s description here:, so you can decide it it appeals at all ^_^;;

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