The Secret Facelift Belt

Not content to merely give people taller noses, smaller faces, and glued eyelids, now there’s a Japanese beauty appliance that irons out saggy face parts!

Depending on which wrinkly bit most offends you, the elastic “facelift” belt comes in both “face” and “eye” packages…

…although it looks like it’s the same product inside, just with different ways to wear it.

The big question is…how the heckin’ heck is it supposed to work?

I bet whoever designed this had a super strong mom who pulled her ponytail so tight it practically gave her a wedgie

This thing is an adjustable elastic strap with two industrial strength hair combs on either end. You’re supposed to position the combs, tighten the strap until it pulls your face tight, then do some sort of elaborate comb-over to hide the evidence.

All I can say is…OW.

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7 thoughts on “The Secret Facelift Belt

  1. Looks legit haha! It looks like somewhere between a torture device and a headband! I was in Yodobashi Camera looking at the beauty section and they had all of these weird rollers that looked a bit like vibrators. Apparently rolling them over the skin makes you look younger…another Only in Japan.

    1. Arg, how did I miss seeing this comment until now? Huge apologies! Especially since I have squited at those roller thingies too, and thought HOW CAN THAT DO ANYTHING? heh.

  2. Dont worry! I always miss people’s comments too so Im sorry if I have ever done it to you. About the rollers… the woman in Yodabashi CVamera grabbed her forehead, rubbed the roller on it and said “Look…see…it makes your skin look younger” hahahaha

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