Japanese Gift Boxes of Overwhelming Cuteness

Gifting in Japan requires that the wrapping be nearly as precious as what’s inside, but I can never remember how to tie a traditional silk furoshiki without the book that reminds me how to fold and tuck the corners so it doesn’t turn out looking like I’m offering someone a wad of laundry.

But even fumblefingered moi can pop these uber-cute animal boxlets open and reap full points for birthday present-ing!

And if the gift is many little somethings, these squee-worthy fabric bags will make sure that they’re appreciated as much as something WAY more special
And even the cheapest little souvenirs rise to cult status when gifted in these animal bags (although I’m not sure I’d be able to part with any of the shiba ones)

And best of all, these aren’t from some expensive boutique card shop, they’re from Shimojima, where thrifty office managers and boutique owners shop the eight floors of supplies for bulk necessities. Now that Ito-ya has become a sad museum-like emporium of expensive and twee, get thee to this stationery bonanza out in Asakusa-bashi to satisfy your Japanese pen, pencil & All Things Only In Japan cravings!

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6 thoughts on “Japanese Gift Boxes of Overwhelming Cuteness

    1. Yeah, have you not been back there since they “remodeled”? I was SO SAD that they turned into just another high-end boutique for overpriced stuff you don’t need ( ; _ ; ) But Shimojima is stepping up to fill the gap, cheaply and utterly thoroughly! (It’s a bit more out of the way and not quite as charming, but far bigger!)

      1. No I had not, it was on my list of places to go last year but I didn’t have time… also I have enough stickers and letter sets to open my own little shop so I really should stop buying more…

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