Move Over, Monkeys! See-no Evil, Hear-no-Evil, Speak-no-Evil Cats Are Here

Sticking to the straight and narrow has never been cuter, thanks to these adorable kittycat gacha-gacha toys, and the vending machine that dispenses them on the Yanaka Ginza shopping street.

And each comes with an object of mid-century tech to remind us that seeing, hearing, and speaking evil has never been harder to avoid

See no fake news…

…or let your eyeballs get sucked into the black hole of YouTube cat videos

Hear no dubious pitches from crypto hucksters…

…or scamsters claiming you should send them your life savings because, “Hey, it’s me!”

But most of all…

Speak no spoilers to those who have not yet watched

I’m sure you can tell I’m relieved that there’s no don’t-spend-all-your-laundry-coins-on-gachapon-vending-machines cat in this series….

This series may be sold out by the time you’re next in Tokyo, but there will be plenty more to take its place! If you’d like to discover the latest, greatest, gachagacha, a guide to the best gachapon hunting spots in Tokyo (with maps!) is on my travel blog, The Tokyo Guide I Wish I’d Had. Happy hunting!

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