Please Tell Me That’s Not Seaweed On My Ice Cream

The sticky rice balls I can handle. I could even get into the slightly gelatinous, traditional mitarashi topping that gets its brown from, uh, soy sauce. But I draw the line at nori. Yes, those suspicious-looking little black things on top are KILL ME NOW strips of the same kind of seaweed that holds your tuna roll together. And those sprinkles that look like nuts? Nope. Rice crackers.

This isn’t the first time that I’ve seen a Western dessert repurposed to resemble mitarashi dango (on the left, those sticky rice balls on a stick, a summertime festival favorite). Behold Mister Donut’s attempt at the mitarashi donut (right)

The weirdest thing is that this sundae isn’t being sold in a shop that’s known for ice cream flavors you’d only eat on a dare – it’s this month’s feature at a mainstream convenience store!

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